Metric surveys of buildings by totalstation   (Brochure: 1,747 kB)
Metric surveys of buildings by totalstation

The metric building survey is achieved predominantly with a reflectorless electronic totalstation in a uniform coordinate system. A software interface specifically developed for coded totalstation survey of buildings ensures the combination of photogrammetry and metric building survey with a high level of detail.
Profile heights and axis can be marked in the building by meter markers, so that additional measuring by hand is possible. The measurements of all floor plans, cross and longitudinal sections, developed surfaces of walls, elevation drawings of facades etc. are evaluated in a CAD system.

1993-1994   Kapellendorf   moated castle
seit 1993   Leipzig   St Peter's Church
1995-1996   Leipzig   misc. townhouses
1996   Leipzig   University of Music and Theatre Leipzig
1997   Leipzig   Savings Bank Leipzig, data centre
1997-1998   Rostock   former St Catherine's Collegiate
1998   Leitzkau   Castle Neuhaus
1998   Wechselburg   Kleines Schloss (Small Castle)
1998   Rom (I)   Forum Romanum, Maxentius Basilica
1999   Graditz   Graditz Stud, electoral / royal stud
1999   Leipzig   Schönauer Barracks, Headquarters
2000   Havelberg   Cathedral of St Mary, east wing of the cloister walk
2000   Wermsdorf   Hubertusburg (hunting castle)
2000   Goseck   Castle and Castle Church
2000-2003   Halberstadt   Cathedral of St Stephen and St Sixtus, cloister walk
2001   Weil der Stadt   former Capuchin Monstery
2002   Hadmersleben   Abbey Church of St Peter and St Paul
2002-2003   Inzigkofen   former convent of Canonesses Regular of St Augustine
2002-2003   Linderhof   Palace
2003   Halle   Markt 23 / Galeria Kaufhof, refurbishment of departement store
2004   Beuster   St Nicholas' Church
2004   Bernburg   Castle Church, Princely Chapel (Fürstenkapelle)
2005   Greiz   Upper Castle (Oberes Schloss)
2005   Memmleben   Abbey Church, 13th century, crypt
2006   Weferlingen   castle ruins
2006   Goseck   Castle Church, crypt
2006   Dresden   Palace in the Great Garden
2007   Frose   Collegiate Church, west work
2008   Hildesheim   Marienburg, medieval castle
2008   Merseburg   St. Peter's Abbey
2010   Goseck   Castle Church
2010/2015   Salzwedel   St. Catherine´s Church
2010   Wermsdorf   Hubertusburg (hunting castle), castle church
2011   Mücheln/Wettin   formerly Templar Chapel "Our Dear Lady"
2011   Paderborn   Cathedral of St. Mary, Liborius and Kilian
2012   Gnandstein   Gnandstein Castle, manor
2012/2015   Salzwedel   District Court (former Town Hall)
2013   Bad Doberan   Castle, mews and riding hall
2014   Gnandstein   Gnandstein Castle, orangery, bake house
2014   Paderborn   Cathedral of St. Mary, Liborius and Kilian, cloister walk and roof truss
2015   Wörlitz   Wörlitzer Park - bridges in the park
2015   Tellschütz   Church
2015   Leipzig   Botanical Gardens, Victoria House
2015/2016   Gnandstein   Gnandstein Castle, west wing and northern barn of the manor
2015/2016   Paderborn   Kaiserpfalz
Deformation survey and monitoring   (Brochure: 710 kB)
Deformation survey and monitoring

To analyse and illustrate the deformation of buildings three-dimensional measuring data is used to calculate surface models. The required data is collected by photogrammetric evaluation of stereo images, totalstation measurements or with a laser scanner. Using these digital surface models, sections and heights are construed.

The continuous vertical movement of buildings is monitored at intervals. For that purpose precision levelling is performed using durably marked control points with digital levels and DNA levelling staffs. Inclinations and deformations are determined by a totalstation survey of control points and monitored. These metric surveys are repeated over several years and their results are presented in a suitable form as tables or graphics.

1993-1995   Aschersleben   Church of St Stephen
1993-1995   Zeitz   Cathedral of St Peter and Paul
1995-1997   Halle (Saale)   Post Office at Hansering
seit 1997   Merseburg   Church of St Vitus
seit 1997   Eckartsburg   Eckartsburg (castle)
seit 1998   Halberstadt   Cathedral of St Stephen and St Sixtus, cloister walk
1998-2002   Rostock   former St Catherine's Collegiate
seit 1999   Eilenstedt   Church of St Nicholas
1999   Wemding   Pilgrimage Church "Maria Brünnlein", barrel vault
seit 2000   Zerbst   Town Hall (former riding hall of castle)
seit 2004   Quedlinburg   Castle and Collegiate Church of St Servatus
2007   Frose   Collegiate Church, west work
2008   Berlin   Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
seit 2009   Zwickau   district court
2011   Raitenhasslach   Abbey, Stone Hall, floor
seit 2013   Potsdam   New Palace at Sanssouci Park, Marble Hall and Grotto Hall
seit 2015   Aschersleben   Church of St Stephen
metric survey during the construction period  

Large building projects at historic monuments are attended by complex metric surveys. Beyond the deformation-true totalstation survey as a basis for planning the changes in the building (documentation prior to demolition, monitoring measurement) are documented and specialised surveying during the construction phases can take place (stake-out, levelling and control measurements).

In addition to metric surveys of buildings, site plans and contour maps as well as tree population plans can be provided for a complex planning of reconstruction and conservation measures, disposal and supply plans and last but not least landscape planning.

1995-1997   Leipzig   several town houses
1998-2002   Rostock   former St Catherine´s Collegiate, new development University of Music and Drama
2000-2003   Graditz   Electoral Stud
2004-2005   Halberstadt   Cathedral of St Stephen and St Sixtus, Cathedral Treasure