与真实比例尺度对应的数字图像   (Brochure: 1,553 kB)

Digital rectified images represent an economical alternative to graphic plans. The result of the rectification is a true-to-scale photomap with exact geometry and allows CAD evaluation as well as tru to scale mapping.
For the comprehensive documentation of facades with several planes the individual facade regions are separately rectified on the base reference points that were measured by tacheometer and combined afterwards digitally to a true-to-scale photomap. For very irregular or curved surfaces an orthogonal projection is calculated with a digital surface model (3D laser scanning) on a plane or a cylinder.
The image is recorded with a digital medium format camera (9000 x 6800 px) and focal lengths from 28 to 500 mm.For special applications, we use a full-frame SLR camera (7300 x 4900 px) and focal lengths from 12 to 800 mm.For all lenses correction parameters are calculated for distortion and chromatic aberration.

seit 1995   Aschersleben   documentation of town quarters
seit 1995   Quedlinburg   Castle Hill and Collegiate Church of St Servatius
1996   Freyburg   Neuenburg Castle
1996, 2005   Memleben   Imperial Abbey Church, 13th century, crypt
1997   Kyffhuser   Lower Castle
1997   Maisdorf   Falkenstein Castle
seit 1998   Leipzig   St Peters Church
1998   Rom (I)   Forum Romanum, Maxentius-Basilica
1999   Blankenburg   Michaelstein Abbey, cloister walk
1999   Pltzkau   Castle
1999   Sondershausen   Castle
2000   Wittenberg   Lutherhalle, home of Martin Luther, Museum
2000   Hamburg   Alsterhaus, Wilhelminian department store
2000   Walbeck   ruins of the abbey church
2000   Rheda-Wiedenbrck   Rheda Castle
2001   Arnstadt   Church of Our Dear Lady
2001   Bremen   Old Town Hall
2001   Tangermnde   Town Hall and Castle
2002   Mhlhausen   Divi Blasii Church
2002   Ilsenburg   Monstery
2003   Einbeck   Market Church of St James
2003   Halle   Market Church of Our Dear Lady, nave
2003   Blankenburg   Town Hall
2004   Wechselburg   Castle
2004   Mannheim   Arsenal, faades
2005   Leipzig   former police head office
2005   Kassel   Kasseler Bank, credit union
2005   Greiz   Upper Castle
2005   Eyershausen   Church of St Wendelin
2006   Halberstadt   Cathedral, northern nave
2006   Baden-Baden   Parish Church, choir walls
2006   Potsdam   Marble Palace in the New Garden
2006   Dresden   Zwinger, Arcades, Mathematischer-Physikalischer Salon
2006   Eisleben   St. Anne's Church, west chapel
2006   Erfurt   Angermuseum
2006, 2008   Quedlinburg   St. Nicholas' Church, choir and westwork
2007-2008   Hildesheim   medieval castle
2008   Leisnig   Mildenstein Castle, Miruspark
2008   Burg   St. Nicholas' Church
2009   Wiesbaden   The Kurhaus
2009   Chemnitz   Industrieschule, vocational school
2009   Blankenburg   Castle
2009   Frankfurt am Main   Church of the Magi
2009   Halle (Saale)   Opera
2009   Stuttgart   Central Station
2009   Deisel   railway tunnel, views
2009   Minden   hospital, facades
2009   Kietz   moated castle, facades
2009   Zwickau   district court
2009   Halle   St. Ulrich's Church, facades
2010   Blankenburg   Castle, theatre
2010   Freyenstein   Castle, facades
2010   Stockholm (S)   Mary Magdalene Church
2010   Stockholm (S)   St Matthew's Church
2011   Leipzig   University Hospital, Red House
2011   Mcheln/Wettin   former Templar Chapel "Our Dear Lady"
2011   Bnnigheim   Cyriacus church
2011   Paderborn   Cathedral of St. Mary, Liborius and Kilian
2011   Quedlinburg   town hall
2012   Baden-Baden   Trinkhalle, pump house
2012   Tbingen   town hall
2012   Berlin   Natural Science Museum
2012   Frankfurt/Main   Hessischer Rundfunk, Bertramshof
2013   Hamburg   Burchardstrae, Sprinkenhof (brick office building)
2013   Bayreuth   Festival Theatre
2013   Bamberg   Oere Pfarre, Parish Church "Our Dear Lady", facades of the choir
2013   Weienburg   castle
2013   Rottweil   Black Gate, gate of the town defences
2014   Eichsttt   Cathedral of St. Salvator, Our Dear Lady and St. Willibald, west facade
2014   Bielefeld   Old Town Hall
2014/2015   Goslar   town wall
2014   Leipzig   pension fund
2015   Berlin   Science Centre
2015   Wernikow    village church
2015   Hannover   Royal stables
2015   Memleben   monastery
2016   Wrzburg   Marienberg Fortress, St. Mary's Church
大尺度室内空间测绘   (Brochure: 1,671 kB)

For documentation of space settings large scaled image plans are created in photographic quality. The result combines the photographic state documentation with precise geometry. The space-wise compilation of image overviews facilitates the work of the people involved in the project.

For the coherent representation of walls, ceilings and floors, the images are rectified projective on a coordinate reference and mounted to an image plan using control points measured by total station.
Depending on the object geometry, the preparation of the image plans takes place by 2D image rectification or true to scale unwrapping.
In structured or multiple curved surfaces (dome, cross vault) an ortho projection is calculated with digital surface model (3D laser scanning) onto plane or cylinder surface.

1994   Suhl-Heinrichs   St. Ulrichs Church, choir inside
1995   Creuzburg   Liborius Chapel at Werra Bridge
1996   Potsdam   Marble Palace, Nibelung Frieze
seit 1997   Neuburg a.d. Donau   Palace
1997   Branchewinda   village church
1998   Gstrow   Borwin Fountain
1999   Bautzen   Ortenburg Castle, Knight's Hall
1999   Potsdam   New Palace, Grotto Hall
1999   Meissen   Albrechtsburg Castle, chapel and Small Appellation Room
1999   Kyffhuser   Barbarossa Memorial
1999   Bad Langensalza   Market Church of St. Bonifacius, portal
2000   Halberstadt   Burchardi Church
2000   Halberstadt   Cathedral of St. Stephen and St. Sixtus, rood screen
2000   Ampfurth   epitaph
2000   Hecklingen   church, stucco angels
2001   Leipzig   Theatre, Great Hall
2001   Weimar   Residence Castle, Dichterzimmer (Poets Halls)
2001-2003   Neuburg a. d. Donau   Palace, misc. floors
2002   Halle   Moritzburg Castle, Talamt (official building of the salters), appellation room
2002   Sondershausen   Castle Mews, floor
2002   Linderhof   Palace, interior decorations
2003   Berlin   Berlin State Museums, Museum of the Ancient Near East, Ishtar-Gate
2004   Erfurt   Angermuseum, floors
2004   Zeitz   Castle, Gate House
2005   Dresden   Zwinger, Nymphenbad
2005   Greiz   Upper Castle, Princely Halls
2005   Memleben   Church 13th century, crypt
2006   Worms   Cathedral, south chapel, figures
2006   Altenburg   Tea House
2006   Freiberg   Cathedral, vaulting in the choir
2006   Kassel   Wilhelmshhe Palace, interior decorations
2006   Erfurt   Chapel of St. Elisabeth at St. Nicholas tower (former church)
2007   Gera   John's Church, central window of the choir
2007   Lemgo   Mittelstrae 24, timber- framed gable
2008   Samarkand (UZ)   Ishrat Khane and Shah-i Zinda
2008   Potsdam   New Palace, Red Damask Chamber, Concerto Room
2008   Potsdam   New Palace, marble floor of the Marble Hall
2008   Potsdam   Sanssouci Park, Stibadium of the Paradise Garden
2008   Berlin   St. Anne's Church, wall painting
2008   Paretz   Palace, wall papers
2008   Moritzburg   Castle, misc. rooms (leather wallpapers)
2009   Corvey   Palace, Knights' Hall
2009   Kyffhuser   Monument
2009   Wiesbaden   Kurhaus (spa)
2010   Kisslegg   Church of St. Galius and Ulrich, Interior
2010   Mannheim   Holy Ghost Church, facades
2011   Ettlingen   Palace, Asam Hall
2011   Raitenhaslach   Abbey, Stone Hall
2012   Ehingen   Konviktskirche (Sacred Heart Church), ceiling paintings
2012   Mnchen   University Church of St Louis
2012   Bad Mergentheim   St Mary's Church
2012   Potsdam   Palace at Peacock Island, Banquet Hall
2013   Haigerloch   Castle Church, Holy Trinity, interior
2013   Wrzburg   Cathedral, Schnborn Chapel, facades
2013   Salem   Abbey Church, interior
2013   Potsdam   Sanssouci Park, Neptune's Grotto
2013   Weimar   Residence Castle, staircase by Heinrich Gentz
2013   Heidelberg   University, Karzer
2013   Berg   Votive Church, facades and interior
2014   Dresden   Semper Opera, Auditorium and Treppenvestibl
2014   Rheinsberg   Palace, Hall of Shells
2014   Potsdam   New Palace, Green Sherds Cabinet, Spindler's Cabinet
2014   Weimar   Residence Castle, Goethe Gallery, Wieland room
2015   Potsdam   New Garden, Eremitage
2015   Stockholm (S)   Riddarholmen, ceiling
2016   Rheinsberg   Pavilion at Park
2016   Rottweil   Collegiate Church, historic interiors and altars
建筑物室内地板测绘   (Brochure: 1,009 kB)

Digitally rectified images are an economical alternative to graphic plans. The result of the rectification is a true-to-scale photomap, which connects the photographic documentation of the present state with accurate geometrical object information.
To support restorers, in assembling an inventory in museums and collections as well as for documentation purposes digital photomaps in the scales 1 : 25, 1 : 10 and larger are provided in high photographic quality and combined into a true-to-scale documentation.

1998   Potsdam   New Garden, Shell Grotto
2001   Sondershausen   Castle, mews
2003   Neuburg a.d. Donau   Palace, Knights' Hall
2005   Memleben   Church 13th century, crypt
2006   Quedlinburg   Castle, museum
2008   Potsdam   Sanssouci Park, Stibadium in the Paradise Garden
2008   Berlin   Charlottenburg Palace, Court of Honour
2008   Potsdam   New Palace, Marble Hall
2002/2009   Linderhof   Palace, floor at the upper storey
2010   Potsdam   New Palace, floors of the princely apartements
2011   Rheinsberg   Palace, Hall of Mirrors
2011   Raitenhaslach   Abbey, Stone Hall
2012   Dresden   Semper Opera House, lower round foyer
2012   Berlin   Pergamon Museum, Hephaistion Mosaic
2012   Potsdam   New Palace, parquet flooring of the breakfast room
2013   Potsdam   New Palace, parquet flooring of the ballroom
2014   Raitenhaslach   Abbey, stone floors
2015   Potsdam   New Palace, Marble Hall
曲面投影展开图   (Brochure: 707 kB)

Curved surfaces (e.g. of towers, apses and vaults) can be processed to scale into the plane. Objects with more than one curvature direction or a strong deformation (e.g. cupola, apses) are projected on a middle cylinder. In both cases the geodetic measurement of gage marks, profile lines and further object information takes place on location in addition to the photogrammetric take. The rectified pieces of image are combined afterwards digitally to a true-to-scale photomap, which can be used for documentation purposes or as mapping basis. The digital processing is worked on with the software metigo 3D.

1996   Schmalkalden   Hessenhof, vault of cellar with Iwein wall painting
1996   Halberstadt   Bismarck Tower
1996   Halle   Moritzburg Castle, northwest tower
1997   Burgkemnitz   Church, barrel vault
seit 1997   Neuburg a.d. Donau   Palace, interior decorations
1997   Dresden Zwinger   Zwinger, terrestical globe by Johann Georg Klinger
1998, 2004   Gernrode   Collegiate Church St Cyriakus, western apses
1998   Rom (I)   Forum Romanum, Maxentius-Basilica
1999   Wemding   Pilgrimage Church "Maria Brnnlein", barrel vault
1999   Zeitz   town wall, bastion
2001   Weimar   Residence Castle, Dichterzimmer (memorial rooms honouring the great poets)
2001   Sondershausen   Castle, Rotunda
2002   Berlin   Altglienicke, water reservoir tower
2002   Linderhof   Palace, interior decorations
2003   Grningen   Abbey Church of St Vitus, vault
2004   Banz   Abbey, staircase
2005   Dresden   Zwinger, Nymphenbad (staircase of the baroque fountain)
2006   Freiberg   Cathedral of St Mary, Frstengruft (electoral crypt), vault
2006   Dresden   Zwinger, arcades
2007   Memleben   St Martin's Church, vault ceiling
2007   Lerum (S)   Church, vault
2008   Potsdam   City Palace
2008   Rastatt   Rastatt Palace
2010   Kisslegg   Church of St Gallus and Ulrich
2011   Rottweil   Minster of the Holy Cross, cylinder projection of the vault
2011   Ettlingen   Palace, Asam Hall
2011   Raitenhaslach   Monastery, Stone Hall
2012   Mnchen   University Church St. Louis, vault
2012   Dresden   Semper Opera House, foyer
2012   Bckeburg   Palace, chapel, ortho projection of the vault
2013   Wrzburg   Cathedral, Schnborn Chapel, cylinder projection
2013   Salem   Abbey Church, vaults, cylinder projection of the vaulting
2013   Berg   Votive Church, cylinder projection of vaults and apses
2014   Dresden   Semper Opera House, Circular foyer and staircase vestibule, ceiling paintings cylinder projection
2014   Heiligkreuztal   Cistercian Abbey, cloister walk, cylinder projection of the vaulting
2015   Stockholm (S)   Riddarholmen, cylinder projection of the vault
2015   Haufeld   Church of St. Christopherus, Unwrapping of the vault with ortho projection
立面图和双像解析摄影测量   (Brochure: 842 kB)

Large sized stereo images form the basis for the evaluation of true-to-scale drawings of facades, walls and ceilings as well as of single objects. With the photogrammetric on site take a fast contactless measurement of geometry and documentation of the present state also very complex objects takes place. The graphic evaluation of the measured photographs takes place at the PC with the software metigo 3D. The stereo-photogrammetric evaluation corresponds to a deformation-true totalstation survey regarding the accuracy and completeness. This procedure is particularly suitable for the representation of very decoration-rich and structured objects. Curved surfaces can be projected true to scale in the plane. The derivative of cut profiles, e.g. for the addition of geodetically measured sketches, is likewise possible.

1994   Markkleeberg   Rathausstrae
1997   Rostock   former St Catherine's Collegiate
1999   Chemnitz   District Court
1999   Hamm   St. Pauls Church
1999   Sondershausen   Castle
2001   Goseck   Castle
2001   Hamersleben   Collegiate Church of St. Pankratius, choir east view, north tower
2001   Mnchen   Innere Wiener Strae 44, domestic house
2002   Hadmersleben   Collegiate Church of St. Peter and Paul
2003   Einbeck   Market Church of St James
2003   Halle (Saale)   Market Church of St. Mary, aisle
2004   Kassel   Kasseler Bank, credit union
2004   Quedlinburg   Collegiate Church
2005   Halle (Saale)   Red Tower
2006   Erfurt   Church of St. Severius, font
2007   Bernburg-Aderstedt   Headframe (potash mining)
2008   Moosburg   St. Kastulus' Church, main altar
2008   Paderborn   Haxthausenhhof
2008   Berlin   Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
2009   Frankfurt am Main   Three Kings' Church
2009   Stuttgart   Central Station
2009   Berlin   Brechthaus at Chausseestrae, home of Bertolt Brecht
2012-2014   Gnandstein   Castle, Manor, bake house, orangery
2012   Salzwedel   Old Town Hall
2012   Ochsenhausen   Abbey Church
2013   Paderborn   Cathedral, Epitaph of Prince-Bishop Frstenberg and Paradise Portal
2015   Berlin   Pfingstkirche
2016   Gnandstein   Castle, West Wing
基于历史图片的摄影测量和尺度信息重建   (Brochure: 1,709 kB)

During the restoration of a historic building the true to scale reconstruction of lost details or destroyed building parts from historical images may be of interest. If there are only a few images, 2D layers can be dimensionally reconstructed and evaluated. But if there are several images from different recording directions available, these can be evaluated by photogrammetry in three dimensions. The procedure described in the brochure is independent of the type and size of the object (cornice profile, chandeliers, floors, walls, building parts).

1996   Roitzsch   Church
1996   Potsdam   Marble Palace, Grotto Hall and Belvedere on Pfingstberg
1997   Berlin   Alte Kommandantur, Unter den Linden 1, reconstruction of the former commandants office
1997   Rossewitz   Manor House
1997   Kemberg   St Mary's Church, altar
1997   Leipzig   University Liberary
1998   Passau   Ostuzzistrae 5, Art Nouveau domestic building
1998   Halberstadt   Ratslaube, historic town hall
1998   Berlin   Dorotheenstrae 82, domestic building
1998   Berlin   Mendelsohn-Bank, Dgerstrae 51
1998   Potsdam   Belvedere on the Pfingstberg
1999   Kthen   St. Agnes' Church
1999   Bernburg   St. Mary's Church
1999   Bad Muskau   Bridge at Pckler's Park
1999   Paretz   Palace, historic wallpapers
2000   Potsdam   Belvedere on the Pfingstberg
2000   Berlin   St. Mary's Church
2000   Potsdam   coronation coach
2000   Leipzig   Memorial for Karl Heine
2001   Potsdam   City Palace, Fortuna Gate
2001   Eichwalde   Protestant Church, window
2001   Offenbach   Rumpenheim, Turkish Pavillon
2002-2004   Dresden   Palace, Green Vault (Grnes Gewlbe), reception hall, small ballroom
2003   Leipzig   Memorial for Felix Mendelssohn
2004   Hundisburg   Castle, Great Hall
2005   Moritzburg   Little Pheasant Castle, historic wall paper
2005   Leipzig   Memorial for Albert Daniel Thaer
2005   Limbach   St. Valentin's Church, main altar
2005   Hundisburg   Castle, Great Hall
2005   Dresden   Brhl's Terrace, Memorial for Ludwig Richter
2006   Leipzig   Grassi Museum, Josef Albers Window
seit 2006   Dresden   Castle, English Stairs, Parade Room, small Ball Room
2006   Kollberg   Cathedral, vault ceiling
2006   Dresden   Palace in the Great Garden, Great Hall
2008   Potsdam   City Palace, facades
2009   Berlin   Charlottenburg Palace, Winter Chambers (wall papers)
2009   Halberstadt   Cathedral of St. Stephen und St. Sixtus, flche
2009   Dresden   Palace, Tower Room
2009   Halle (Saale)   St. Johann's church, window in choir
2009   Halle   Opera
2010   Wittenberg   Monument for Luther and Melanchthon
2010   Dresden   Castle, Grand Ballroom, Propositionssaal (banquetting hall) and court yard
2011   Rheinsberg   Castle, the Hall of Mirrors
2011   Rtha/Sachsen   St. Mary's Church, pulpit
2011   Halle/Saale   Wayside shrine
2012   Potsdam   Picture gallery, Picture Frames
2012   Dresden   Palace, red silk room
2013   Wien   Max Klinger, Judgement of Paris
2014   Leipzig   St. Thomas' Church, Altar
2014   Klein Wanzleben   St. John's Church, decorative mural paintings
2014   Berlin   Parochial Church, steeple
2015   Dresden   Castle, Gun Gallery
2015   Halle    Old Town Hall
2016   Leipzig   Frog Fountain and gravestone Treuenfeld
2016   Grlitz   New Synagogue, Chandelier
文物和艺术品信息档案   (Brochure: 1,498 kB)

For the preparation of the restoration work of art, to support its investigation and for the final documentation of conservation measures photographic images in different spectral ranges are required. In addition to digital image plans to a scale of 1:1 congruent image plans from grazing light and macro shots, uv light reflection and ultraviolet fluorescence, infrared and X-rays as well as historical photographs (also from images of our customers) are made.

For the work on site a digital medium format camera (Phase One) as well as specially modified cameras or digital camera backs for IR and UV images in conjunction with various filters are used.
If necessary, Radiographs can be realized with a mobile X-ray machine at a customer site in collaboration with the master photographer Asmus Steuerlein, Dresden. The light sources are both special daylight lamps (cold light sources) for digital photography as well as a professional flashlight system and a UV lamp.

The processing of the photographic material occurs in a comprehensive color management process starting with gray and color reference when shooting on location, the RAW development, color-calibrated image processing workplaces and plot output with archival pigment ink, if necessary, on baryta paper for long-term archiving.

Before starting work, the image correction of distortion and chromatic aberration is made. Matching algorithms with sub-pixel accuracy guarantee exact rectification and assembly of detailed pictures to a trouble-free overall picture in high photographic resolution.

1993   Meien   St Martin's Chapel, panel painting of Christ
1993-1998   Bibra   St. Leo Church, Annunciation Altar
1994      St Magdalene, panel painting (private property)
1999   Pferdingsleben   St Wigbert Church, altar, panel painting
2001   Kade   village church, altar, panel paintings
2001   Weimar   Town Castle, panel painting of Wilhelm Tell
2003   Mnchen   Holy Cross Church, altars
2003   Mnchen   Theatine Church, altars
2003   Freiberg   Cathedral of St Mary, musical instruments
2003   Neuenhof   village church, altar
2004   Weiensee   Church of St Peter and St Paul, high altar
2006   Leipzig   University, panel by Werner Tbke
2006   Uthleben   village church, altar
2008   Arnstadt   Church of Our Lady, main altar
2008   Moosburg   Church of St Castulus, main altar
2008   Stockholm (S)   Gustav Vasa Church, altar
2009   Erfurt   Reglerkirche, Augustian Collegiate Church, altar
2010   Stockholm (S)   Mary Magdalene Church, altar
2010   Wandersleben   St Peter's Church, altar
2012   Maulbronn   Abbey Church, main porticus
2012   Stuppach   Mathias Grnewald, Stuppacher Madonna
2012   Wittenberg   Stadtkirche, Epitaph of P. Eber (Cranach workshop)
2013   Worms   Cathedral, epitaphs at the cloister walk
2013   Karlsruhe   State Art Gallery, Matthias Grnewald, Christ Carrying the Cross
2013   Bern   Bern Historical Museum, Caesar Tapestry 2
2013   Aschersleben   St Stephen's Church, reredos, panel painting (Cranach workshop)
2013   Gardelegen   Church of St Mary, Veronica Panel (Cranach workshop)
2013   Naumburg   St Wenceslaus' Church, reredos, panel painting (Cranach workshop)
2014   Halle   Market Church of Our Dear Lady, reredos (Cranach workshop)
2015   Bern   Bern Historical Museum, Caesar Tapestry 3 and 4
2015   Neustadt an der Orla   Church of St. Johann, Cranach altar
2015   Dresden   Castle, supraportes of the Parade Rooms
2015   Eisleben    St. Andrew's Church, Luther pulpit
壁画勘察记录   (Brochure: 2,088 kB)

For the restoration documentation images in the scales 1:10 and higher photographic quality are created. The result combines the photographic state documentation with precise geometry. For the coherent representation of large wall surfaces, the images are rectified projective on a coordinate reference and mounted to an image plan using control points measured by total station.
Depending on the object geometry, the preparation of the image plans takes place for walls by 2D image rectification or for apses, vaults and arches by unwrapping onto cylinder surface.
For strongly deformed walls or in multiple curved surfaces (cross vaults) an orthogonal projection is calculated with digital surface model (3D laser scanning) onto a plane or cylinder.

2001   Weimar   City Castle, wall painting of Wilhelm Tell
2006   Leipzig   University, panel by Werner Tbke
2007   Lerum (S)   Church, vault
2007   Vendel (S)   Church, wall painting
2008   Creuzburg   Liborius Chapel (UV- and IR-photography)
2008   V (S)   St Mary's Church, vaulting
2008   Rastatt   Rastatt Residental Palace, palace church, vaulting
2008   Berlin   St Ann's Church, wall painting
2010   Wolfegg   Castle, Knights' Hall
2011   Katzenstein   Castle, chapel
2011   Altenburg   Rote Spitzen (former Augustinian Collegiate Church), apse
2011-2014   Thringen   Documentation of early medieval wall paintings
2012   Ettlingen   Castle, Asam Hall, cupola
2012   Creglingen   Hergottskirche, Saint Christopherus
2014   Potsdam   Sanssouci Palace, ceiling fresco in the vestibule
2015   Schmalkalden   Hessenhof, Iweinkeller
2015   Haufeld   St. Christopherus Kirche
2016   Insel Reichenau   Church of St. Georg

In accordance with the conserving classification and the priority of the object and the orders given by the local authority of preservation of monuments and historic buildings an appropriate documentation can be offered. This contains the basic photographic documentation with a large sized camera, the stereo images documentation which can be evaluated photogrammetrically at a later date, the deformation-true totalstation building survey in different degrees of accuracy, digital photomaps in various scales and graphic facade plans up to the stereo-photogrammetric evaluation.

seit 1993   Leipzig, Halle, Eilenburg,
Aschersleben, Naumburg,
Wurzen, Grimma, Delitzsch
   several town house
1993   Pouch   boat manufactory
1995   Halle   former coffee roasters
1996   Halle   Heide Barracks
1998   Lunzenau   factory for upholstery fabric
1999   Weienfels   town wall
1999   Schnwlkau   Castle, Old Distillery
seit 2000   Leipzig   Stadtwerke (public works), misc. properties
2002   Peitz   carpet manufactory
2002 & 2004   Aschersleben   former Optima Works
2003   Halle   "Vier Fuste" (Socialistic monument)
2003   Halle   former gas works
2005   Halle   sugar refinery
2010   Leipzig   "Blechbchse" (tin box), socialistic department store at Brhl
2011   Zeitz   Neumarkstrae, Wilhelminian town houses
2013   Glauchau   former textile mill (Wilhelmstrae)
数字可视化   (Brochure: 768 kB)

For planning purposes and for the illustration of change during refurbishment projects and the monument reconstruction visualisations are an important decision guidance. Depending on the respective setting of tasks different proceedings can be chosen.

In the simplest case different drafts can be visualised by picture assemblies, overlays and colour variants in the rectified photomap.

For the reconstruction of destroyed building parts or entire buildings a visualisation in today's environment is advantageous. For this purpose historical pictures can be used, by which the camera position will be photogrammetrically calculated. The historical building view is inserted into a photograph of the current situation taken from the calculated view point.

For complex tasks of visualisation it is advisable to produce a 3D photo model. Using existing plan documents, local geodetic measurements and the photogrammetric evaluations the construction of a true-to-scale 3D CAD model takes place. The degree of detailing of the model depends on the task set. The picture information necessary for the photo model is taken over from existing photmaps. If necessary also historical photographs can be used. The further use of a true-to-scale 3D photo model takes place in various ways: as-built documentation, development of information systems, photo-realistic views, round tours and films for presentations. Additionally views of the 3D photo model with selected lines of sight can be computed and inserted into photographs of the current situation. The 3D photo model can show both the historical state, and the current planning state.

1996   Potsdam   Marble Palace
1997   Berlin   Unter den Linden 1, former commandants office
1998   Halberstadt   Ratslaube, historic town hall
1999   Bad Muskau   bridge at Pckler's Park
2000   Potsdam   coronation coach of Friedrich Wilhelm II.
2003   Berlin   Berlin State Museums, Museum of the Ancient Near East, Ishtar-Gate
2004   Uetz   Schwedenhuschen, historic log house
2005   Leipzig   Memorial for Felix Mendelssohn
2006   Hundisburg   Castle, Great Hall