metigo MAP 4.0 - general

Documentación, cartografía digital, análisis, evaluación cuantitativa

metigo MAP is the ideal software solution for conservators, restorers and urban perservationists to perform digital mapping in the rectified image/photomap. In the context of conservation works the documentation is an essential emphasis. metigo MAP offers the possibilty to create and follow it equalized pictures directly at the building site or in the studio.
Its combination of image processing and CAD-functionality makes operation of the programm user-friendly, both in the office and on-site.
metigo MAP was developed in close cooperation with conservators and restorers.

metigo MAP is offered since 2000. Actually there are more than 800 licenses in use. Since 2004 an English version is offered in European countries. From version metigo MAP 3.0 upwards additional language modules can be included. The following languages are currently available:
English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish and Czech

75% of our customers are freelance conservators and conservation companies. The majority of users are specialised in the sectors stone (70%) and wall painting (20%).

licences for universities and students

We offer universities and training places network licences of metigo MAP to reduced conditions for uncommercial use in the scope of education.

We offer students metigo MAP for dissertation and student research projects with the according certification as well as internships for uncommercial processing of projects. They can use the software for the needed period of time of the work (bachelor 3 months, master 5 months) and pay 100,-€ (net) for it - plus shipping costs.
In return we thank for a digital exemplar of the work.

The new 64-Bit software version supports an extended memory access for large image mosaics and mapping projects (>1.5 GB).
To accelerate computationally intensive processes such as image rectification and colour balancing multiple CPUs are used.

It is possible to run metigo MAP on your MAC (Intel-based) by using Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. Thus for the use of metigo MAP the USB interface is to be unlocked.

Here yo can find training schools, that use metigo MAP for projects or support the work with metigo MAP in education.

user forum

In our open user forum at the conservator portal Romoe you can read up on frequently asked questions, usage problems or technical questions about mapping with metigo MAP.