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metigo® MAP provides several methods to exchange and output data. During data exchange, structured source data is transformed into an output schema, so that the output data is an accurate representation of the source data. The output schema can either only contain data structures (metigo® MAP mapping templates or XML-coded templates) or recorded data (raster images, CAD-data without attributes, spreadsheets for quantity analysis, printouts on paper), or both (metigo® MAP mappings and GAEB-files).

This data can be imported and exported in various ways. Once executed settings can be saved and recalled - independent of the way you will output your data.

Note Note: Recalling the export dialog for the first time the current display setting of the project are shown. You can als declare export settings once saved as default. Please, press the button Load Settings... to open the respective dialogue.

Information on the various ways to exchange data can be found at the following articles:

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