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User Management is a feature so far only implemented in metigo MAP. You can create several users for your project which are equipped with different user rights according to the requirements of your project. This makes sense especially for large projects involving several parties, administrators as well as users can be provided with full or restricted revision rights which permits by example just the deletion and modification of some mapping elements.

The user, time of creation and time of last update are saved for each mapped element. These attributes can be used as base for later analysis of the history of mapped damages, events, and other mapped elements as well as the number of user-defined accounting periods.

The User Management dialogue

The dialogue User Management.

You can access user management via Project>User Management....

The user management dialogue is structured in the following sections:

  1. Logged User: The top section displays the user currently logged in. This user can be changed at any time by pressing the button Change User.
  2. Current User: Creating a new project after just started metigo® MAP 4.0 the user metigo40 with full administrative rights is preset.
    In this section you can create, delete or copy users by pressing the corresponding button.
    To reuse the settings for a user in another project, you can export the list of users to a csv-file by pressing the button Export User. The passwords are saved encrypted. This csv-file can be imported to any other metigo® MAP 4.0 project.
  3. Properties: Here, the properties of the currently selected user are shown. You can enter and alter the attributes in the equivalent text boxes. Except for user metigo40, each other user can be equipped with a password.
    Note Note: This is not necessary! A user can also be created without a password. The password of the user can be changed at any time by pressing the button Change Password.
  4. User Rights: In the lower part of the dialogue you can select the rights to be assigned to the currently selected user. Select one of the preset user types in the drop-down-menu.
    • administrator – full rights in all areas of the project;
    • standard user – full rights to all all areas (elements, classes, templates and projects) of the project created by the user himself, read-only rights to all areas of the project;
    • guest – read-only rights in all areas;
    • user-defined – all rights can be set by the creator of the user / administrator.
      Pick this option to define your own user type by checking and un-checking rights.
  5. Press the Apply button to resume all settings.
Note Note:
If you create a new project, the user metigo40 is preset. He has full administrative rights and cannot be deleted. If another user with admin-rights has been created or imported, this user can deactivate metigo40 by unticking the control box maintain default user 'metigo' in user management.