Support metigo


Looking into these links you can find the current free Viewer for metigo® MAP 4.0, for opening projects, image plans and 3D point clouds or surface models:

Viewer metigo® MAP 4.0 64Bit
Viewer metigo® MAP 4.0 32Bit

If you have any questions regarding installation and the use of metigo® MAP (not answered in our wiki), please do not hesitate to call us (Monday-Friday: 2:00 to 5:00 pm CET):

14-16:00: +49 (0) 341 2178469

Für den Fall, dass die oben angebotene Supportzeit z.B. auf Grund von Tagunngs- und Messeteilnahmen sowie Schulung beim Kunden nicht gewährleistet werden kann, senden Sie uns bitte eine eMail mit Ihrem Anliegen.

Solving questions and problems using the software or with your metigoMAP projects, we offer you support via TeamViewer in German or English (65.00 € / hour; billing unit every half hour).

Additionally, you can use our open user forum at the conservator portal Romoe, to read about frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding technical questions and the use of metigo® MAP 4.0.