metigo MAP 4.0 - analysis/evaluation

Documentation, graphique numérique, analyse, détermination de surfaces et quantités
Object-based analysis of damages and attributes

In addition to the mapping (of condition, measures etc), you can perform the graphic evaluation of an arbitrary selected area (stones, scaffolding levels, wall panels etc.). By means of area analysis, mapping contents and damage combinations are analysed or the volume of measures requested and exported as quantities.

Mapping history

Time of creation and time of last update are saved for each mapping element. Based on these instants of time, e.g. the history of damage records or the number of user-defined accounting periods can be called.

Visual analysis of mapping progress, amounts and attributes

Beside the class related size ranges, you can define size ranges for further criteria, such as width, height, depth, volume, instant of time, position etc. In addition to the values for the new size ranges, a colour for the individual mapping elements are defined.
As such different size ranges of mapping elements can be analysed and visualised by colour values accordingly. In a following operation, they are selected and processed further.